I’ll take your Canva graphics from Flatlining to Full of Life with this time sensitive Done For You service.


Do you have a design that needs CPR to bring it to life?


  • Do you waste a LOT of time faffing in Canva and end up with something you are STILL not happy with?
  • Do you struggle to put your finger on what is missing or why it’s not right?
  • Would you LOVE to have the budget for a designer who could make your designs look more professional and consistent?
  • But do you worry that engaging a designer will involve long lead times and spiraling costs?
  • Do you settle for “ok” design, due to lack of skill and time, but worry that might be damaging your brand?


Well, I have just the thing for you. Introducing…

Canva E.R.

In this bookable session, I will give design CPR to a key piece of content that you have been struggling with:

Charged up front so you know exactly how much it will cost you – £87

An enquiry form so that I have all the tools I need to revive your graphic.

A zoom Handover Meeting where we put the final tweaks on your designs to ensure you are completely happy!

The Handover Meeting is bookable so that you know you will get your revived content on time.

What type of content can I help you with for £87?

  • An A5 double sided flyer
  • An A4 Poster
  • A set of 3 social media tiles (Intro, Info, CTA)
  • A lead magnet or course PDF (up to 5 template pages)

If you are unsure whether the type of content you need help with would be covered then please drop me a line on:

How it works:

First, book your Handover Meeting and make the £87 payment.

Next complete the booking form. This will include space to:

  • Share the link to the original piece of content with all the copy/images/logos you want to include.
  • Provide your brand guidelines: colour palette/fonts/logos.
  • Share a link to a file with any alternate branding assets (if applicable) or previous designs for reference.
  • Add the links to your social media and website.

Then, I will work on your design in Canva. This will be done offline, not live, to allow me to work my magic.

At our Handover Meeting, we will finalise any tweaks live so you are completely happy with the design.

The result? A graphic you are proud to share far and wide, that looks professional and encapsulates your brand message without all that fussing and faffing.

Ready to breathe life into that awkward piece of content that’s been holding you back?

The whole process was so EASY!!! I booked a slot with Sally, gave her access to my brand colours and information and paid her.

A few days later, I met with Sally for 15 minutes while she explained the changes that she had made. I then had an ebook to be absolutely proud of.

I’m so pleased with the changes Sally made. She completely ‘got’ my brand and I now have an ebook that I am so proud to use, ready to get out into the world!

Louise Purvis

Productivity Mentor & VA, Big Smiley Face VA

Hi! I am Sally Tyson, the designer behind Saladbomb Creative.

I provide eye-catching, compelling and mission led branding and marketing materials for business owners who are making the world a better place.

The businesses I work with are very similar to me.

Together we are passionate, dedicated and optimistic that we can build a better world for our children. 

The difference between us is our skillset, I couldn’t run their business, they couldn’t run mine. But this is precisely why I can be so valuable to them. They are often full to the brim with ideas but just don’t know how to execute them and breathe life into them. 

I have over 25 years of design experience. First in the corporate clothing industry where I worked for companies such as Ellesse, Reebok, and Regatta. Then more recently for charities and mission-led businesses in the UK. I have had wonderful opportunities to work with brands of all sizes and sectors, which have given me a wealth of experience in creating and communicating brand identities.

Having set up my own design business, I know how hard it can be to juggle all the aspects of running a small business. I also know how lucky I am to have the design skills that made it easy for me to create a visual identity for my brand! I know I have saved myself a small fortune.

hands drawing a fashion item
Dr Dar Canva ER

After working with a client, I love to watch their confidence grow as they show off their new graphics or promote their latest offer. They stand tall as they feel their brand finally fits their ambition. 

Nothing gives me more pleasure than when I see the ripple effect of this, watching them reach new and bigger audiences and accelerate their impact. 

So, if you’ve been struggling with DIY design and would like to get my expert eyes on your graphics then my Canva ER session is perfect for you.

Ready to get some Emergency Aid for your content?

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