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Get your brand assets done FAST in two half day coworking sessions.

This is for you if you need support with your branding and…

You have a deadline in sight and need your branding sorted sooner rather than later (live feedback cuts the usual design process down from weeks to hours).

You want an expert to create the designs but don’t want to lose creative control.

You love being part of the design process and want an insight into how a designer’s brain works.

The Business Branding Accelerator is a unique way to get the best branding for your business in two fast, fun and creative half day sessions.

Accelerate your Branding with this creative Brand Experience, for £797.

Book a free 15 minute chat with me today to see if this is the right solution for your business.


It’s 3.30am in the morning and I am fired up with ideas and inspiration. This is what happenes when Sally Tyson helps you with your branding and image!

I am so excited for what the future holds now that I have a visual way of sharing the very core of my work and strategy.

What we acheived in such a short space of time was incredible and we collaborated well. Sally works just like I do so everything flowed.

She is efficient, generous hearted, creative, practical and time with her is positively packed with skill and insight.

I love that I now have a clean, clear, crisp identify that matches my strategy and has potential to adapt and expand with me as the business grows.

Helen Zeida

Share It Strategy


Cut the branding  process from weeks to hours.

As a busy business owner you have so much on your plate, serving your clients, getting your new product ready for launch, creating content, writing social media posts, sales pages, emails etc. The list goes on!

You are feeling totally overwhelmed with the amount there is to do. You know your branding needs to look completely professional but you don’t have the time or skills to create the right graphics to make it look slick. You have lots of ideas but you don’t know how to make things look good enough!

You are under time pressure and need it to just happen but you would also love to retain some creative control. You don’t have time to email back and forth with feedback. You have already blocked out time in your diary for creating your own content so having someone work alongside you is an ideal opportunity to get this all done at once.

Get your  branding done and dusted at  super speed while staying in control of the branding process.

Your graphics will have been created quickly and professionally and look far better than anything you could do yourself.

Your brand will stand out, be visually accessible and absolutely represent the product you have created.

You will feel excited to start sharing your marketing and content with complete confidence that they look amazing and consistent and will attract your ideal client..

You will feel a massive sense of relief that that’s one more job ticket off the list and you can get on with helping your clients with whatever transformation you offer.

Accelerate your Branding with this creative brand experience, for £797.  Book a free 15 minute chat with me today to see if this is the right solution for your business.

How does it work?


Preliminary Work

Prior to booking, we will have a quick zoom chat to discuss your requirements and arrange a suitable time in our diaries for your 2 VIP sessions.

After booking, I will send you a “brand questionnaire” so that I can learn as much about your business, brand, customer, products, and where you are up to with your branding.

For new branding/logo design, I will create mood boards to be presented at the beginning of Session One.

For existing brands I will research where you are already using your brand and how to incorporate that into your new designs. I may ask for you to add me to your Canva team.

Session One

A half-day Zoom co-working session (4 hrs).

You will need to be on hand for the but will be free to get on with working in your business, writing content, planning or whatever you need to do. Throughout the session, I will check in with you at any points where I need your input.

We might tweak the designs “live” via screen share while you watch and give input or do this ‘off-line’ as needed.

The session may be 3, 4 or 5 hours long depending where a natural break in the design process lands.

After the end of the session, I will provide you with artwork in a format you can view and share so that you think about your feedback over the next few days.

Session Two

A half-day artwork finesse session (4 hrs).

At the start of our next session you will feed back whatever thoughts and feelings you have about your new branding or design work. I will most likely bring more thoughts to the table too!

We will once again work side by side to finalise your branding or marketing materials. The session will be timed to end depending on the length of the first session (total 8 hrs).

You will walk away with a Google folder and/or Canva templates that will give you all the tools and content you need to apply your branding straight away.

Follow Up

After your session, I will be on hand for one week to answer any questions that come up or provide any minor tweaks or formats we may have missed during Session Two.

Why is it two half days instead of one?


VIP Branding days are the latest trend in delivering quick turn around brands but this is a VIP ‘day’ with a difference. It is split into 2 half day sessions!

In my experience of the design process, I know that having a break to assess and let the creative juices ‘percolate’ results in better design outcomes and more satisfying results.

When you are able to “sleep on it” or get some feedback from a trusted business friend or two it gives you time and headspace to look at the ideas from different perspectives.

And when I allow my creative brain, which often gets its best ideas at 4am, to rest between design sessions, I know it will come up with more innovative solutions.

When we come back together for the second session I can guarantee that we will co-create better branding than if we powered through a one day session.

It was a great experience, so helpful and fun.

Your ideas were fabulous and very diverse and it was helpful to have someone who listened to my intentions and reflected that back to me as images and colours… got me to a place I couldn’t have got to without you!!

Karen Dawkins

Karen Dawkins Online

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the fabulous work you did for me creating my branding package.

I am totally delighted with the way you listened to what I was looking for and came up with unique and fabulous ideas that i would not have thought of!

Niki Duffy

Choosing for Today

Accelerate your Branding with this creative brand experience, for £797.  Book a free 15 minute chat with me today to see if this is the right solution for your business.
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