The Resilient kid

Ashley Costello from The Resilient Kid is a psychotherapist specialising in helping children and families improve their mental health and happiness through resilience.

She teaches that resilience can be built, not through adversity or necessity, but like a ‘muscle’, through therapy, workshops and training so that these skills are in place BEFORE life throws you a curveball.

Her mission is… “To remind you that, amidst the challenges we all face, we are all walking each other home.”


Jan 2021 to present


The problem

Ashley already had a logo for The Resilient Kid which had been designed for her a few years previously. The original brief for this logo was aimed directly at children and it had quite a cartoon feel with a very bright but limited colour palette.

Ashley had realised that, while the appeal to children was spot on, her target market was actually their parents! She also knew she wanted to diversify into working with teens so the current brand wasn’t sophisticated enough.

As she was working on writing her first book and a number of course materials, Ashley wanted to get her branding right before applying it to all these new projects.

Ashley also knew she would need some bespoke illustrations which would link to her brand. She had been using a mishmash of different graphics from Canva but didn’t feel these looked professional or cohesive enough.

the solution

After discussing with Ashley in detail whether she needed a total rebrand or a logo “polish”, we decided that tidying up the existing branding would be more beneficial.

Ashley had already built up a fair amount of brand recognition and we didn’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater!

I worked with her very bright palette to soften it a little, and tidied up the designs so there was more continuity across the different elements… The changes were subtle but effective!

The Resilient Kid updated branding

Then I chose several complementing colours in similar tones to be used in the additional illustrations. The aim here was to balance brightness and interest with calmness and assurance! 

I then looked at ways to modify existing logos to create some more abstract brand elements that could be applied to Ashley’s course materials and handouts plus created some new illustrations.

One of the solutions was to enlarge The Resilient Kid’s “cape” motif to fill the entire page then use it for covers and a page watermark.

The Resilient Kid notebook cover design

The outcome

Working with Ashley over the last year, I have created a visual language that extends far beyond her logo.

By consistent use of colour, fonts and a specific illustration style, we can ensure that every piece of content The Resilient Kid puts out there looks totally on brand.

This creates brand recognition and builds very important trust with parents entrusting the mental wellbeing of their children into Ashley’s capable hands.

Plus, I am so proud to have been asked to design the cover for Ashley’s book that will be published later this year… watch this space!

Although my logo was great for Resilient Kid, I was very restricted in the colour palette. Sally expanded the range for me but then also added icons, graphics and a library of images for the brand.
Now I love it, especially the new logo and brand for The Resilient People, its colourful and full of life and does exactly what i imagined.
Sally is intuitive in the way she works. She listens and then takes your ideas and creates magic.
Ashley Costello

Psychotherapist, The Resilient Kid

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