Caz’s Kitchen

Caz’s baking business genuinely started in her kitchen. When demand grew too big for her wee house, she found premises in up and coming Waterloo, Liverpool. She had a really clear idea of how she wanted the shop and her branding to look.

She became one of my very first clients and we worked closely on everything from her logos and menus to decals for the shop window. Caz (Caroline Hill) has an incredibly strong vision but within that has allowed me a huge amount of leeway.

Our businesses have grown side by side since then! Within that time I have provided everything from menus, order forms, social media tiles, stickers, loyalty cards & vouchers. She even lets me draw all over her windows sometimes.

Caz also happens to make the very best cake in the North-West… or in my opinion… the world!!

In January of 2020 I took on the rebranding of the Caz’s Kitchen e-commerce website to bring it inline with the identity we had created for her printed and social media presence.



2014 to Present

“When I moved into my premises, I needed to create a fun, friendly, unpretentious, accessible brand identity. Sally helped me to develop my logos and consistent branding across my business, then subsequently has designed all my relevant artwork, menus, fliers, promotional materials, social media graphics and more….”

Caroline Hill

Owner, Caz's Kitchen, L22

Caz's Kitchen Branding

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