Age UK Cheshire

Over the last 2 and a half years, I have worked with Age UK Cheshire on a number of projects helping them to reach their target audience in Chester and Cheshire, including various printed information leaflets and social media campaigns. Our first major project began after I was recommended by Brightlife to help them create a full impact report for their community work in 2018/19.

The project involved two stages. Firstly, designing the look and layout of the report, working within Age UKs brand guidelines. We discussed different formats and looked at other charities reports and then I submitted various options for the visual design. Once this was agreed, I translate the data provided, into the reports format, including lots of facts and figures and various case studies.



Spring 2019





To see a full PDF of the Age UK Cheshire 2018/19 Impact Report, click below

Pocket Guide & Poster

As a companion to the Impact Report we also produced a pocket guide that folded out into an infographics poster showcasing some of their achievements and how they had helped the community.

Other design work

A selection of the leaflets I designed for Age UK Cheshire ensuring they came within UK brand guidelines and were accessible for older people in terms of font size and colour contrast.